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Responsible Global Fashion LLC provides consulting services and continuing education resources around responsible designing, sourcing, production, and distribution of fashion merchandise within the global fashion industries.


Written Materials

Written materials include books, instructor guides, case studies, learning modules, and other educational resources for students, consumers, suppliers, and/or vendors.  Written materials are designed specifically around client needs. Fees are project-based. 

Short Courses, Seminars, and Talks

Short Courses (1 day-2 weeks, online or in person), seminars, and talks are excellent ways of keeping up-to-date on issues and best practices in responsible design, sourcing, production, and/or distribution.  They are taught through interactive learning modules that are designed specifically around client needs. Fees are based on necessary preparation time, delivery, and number of individuals involved. Please contact Leslie to discuss fee options. 

Here is a listing of possible topics.  Please contact Leslie about these or other topics in which you are interested.

  • Principles of Sustainability and Social Change in Fashion.  Principles of design and merchandising for sustainability and social change are highlighted along with business strategies for incorporating each.

  • Global Sourcing 101: Basics of Responsible Sourcing Materials and Production.  Introduction to global sourcing and corporate social responsibility in sourcing materials, production, and distribution of fashion products. 

  • What Designers and Merchandisers Need to Know about Tariffs.  How to calculate a tariff and consider the cost effects of sourcing materials and production in particular countries. 

  • What Designers and Merchandisers Need to Know about Factory Auditing.  Overview of factory auditing processes, how design and merchandising strategies and decisions affect compliance processes, and how to communicate effectively with sourcing analysts and CSR professionals in the company. 

  • Supply Chain Transparency: Compliance and Marketing Implications.  Overview of compliance and marketing implications in the fashion industry -- whether you are complying with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, wanting to provide stakeholders with greater transparency, or interested in the marketing implications of sharing your supply chain.


Leslie is available for one-on-one consulting around responsible design, sourcing, manufacturing, and retail distribution. The fee structure for consulting services includes hourly, daily, and project-based fees based on the scope and nature of the project. Please contact Leslie to set up a consultation.


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